See what clients are saying about working with Hailey Crean 

“I’ve worked with Hailey for almost 1/2 year. Over that short period of time, my sugars have dropped significantly. I feel better physically and emotionally. 

Over my adult life, I’ve been to countless programs and seen countless people with my sugars/weight struggles. Working with Hailey feels so different to me — more genuine, less scripted. There’s a grounded, integrous, and easy/natural way in which Hailey supports the journey back to reconnecting to my own body and its signals, after years of disconnection. It’s about paying attention to what I want, and why, and how it affects my systems. It’s also about starting to actually believe it’s ‘real’, and that healthy mind habits can be a more natural way for me. 

Hailey is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and very warm, kind, supportive. No matter what I’m going through, a break-up, car accident, holidays — I always feel like there’s a smart, gentle, steady and sturdy safety net with Hailey, which makes it easier to continue moving forward with my health and well-being, even with life’s many hurdles along the way.

And logistically the telehealth process makes it easier; we’re more apt to find a time within a busy schedule.  

I couldn’t recommend Hailey enough.”     Steph M.



“My introduction to Hailey was 6 months ago. I am not a millennial so the idea of dealing with a nutritionist via an apt was anxiety-provoking. She has guided me through any hurdles and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our weekly meetings have been at my home, in the car at Dunkin Donuts and out of state because everything is done online. Weather doesn’t affect this. She is more available than a weekly meeting or Dr Appt. She comments 1-2 x a day.

Her approach is a Healthy Lifestyle. She allows you to chart your own path. She allows you to formulate your own eating and exercise plan without restricting or denying anything. Encouraging eating at home and supporting you with recipes and attainable goals.

Due to past health issues, I had not had some labs that were crucial to my healthy goals. In her gifted way of promoting without criticizing she got me to request the blood tests that required medication and we have seen dramatic results in just 3 months in addition to her program. I had also been putting off suggested testing which I have now almost completed.


 My journey continues and I am so happy to finally find a way to enjoy my life without dieting and be guided to a place where I can accept that my body is doing an amazing job and allowing me to enjoy my life.”     M.J.

“Hailey has a natural way connecting with clients that allows for a trusting relationship from day one. She helped me to find the value in mindful eating and has forever changed my outlook on how I fuel my body.”      Hayley

“Hailey is well prepared and provides a comprehensive education. She is professional yet kind. I am happy to have had her help.”     John

“I enjoyed my time working with Hailey. She was helpful and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing.”   Preston