Florida Online Diabetes Dietitian

Hailey Crean Nutrition, LLC offers patients in Florida living with diabetes The Virtual Diabetes Education Program®, which includes access to a virtual diabetes dietitian and online resources to help integrate healthy lifestyles into their diabetes management.

The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® is ADCES-accredited, which means both our classes and one-on-one appointments are covered by many insurance plans.

Our Approach

Hailey Crean Nutrition offers online diabetes programs designed to provide convenient access to resources to help you manage your diabetes.

We offer a variety of support services, including access to an online diabetes dietitian, which includes a comprehensive assessment as well as ongoing nutritional support, diabetes self-management education, and free monthly virtual diabetes support groups.

Every aspect of our approach follows an evidence-based model, so you can rest assured you’re receiving tried and true information that will help you effectively manage your diabetes.

Complimentary Consultation

If you live in Florida and feel like you need support to help manage your diabetes, but aren’t sure where to start, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary 20-minute consultation for new patients.

This consultation gives us a chance to meet one-on-one and discuss your goals as well as my approach. This way, you can be sure we’re a good fit for your health journey and feel confident as we move forward together.

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

If you decide to join The Virtual Diabetes Education Program®, we will begin with a 60-minute session to assess where you are in your diabetes management journey and what your goals are for the future.

We’ll discuss past diets, and eating and exercise habits as well as how you’re managing your sleep and stress. We’ll use this information to design a nutrition support plan to help you meet your nutritional goals.

Ongoing Nutritional Support

Our ongoing support includes online diabetes education classes, customized meal planning and recipe ideas, and secure messages designed to reinforce healthy habits and help you make long-term lifestyle changes.

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

At Hailey Crean Nutrition, we believe in evidence-based education and support. Our online diabetes classes offer patients in Florida the opportunity to fully customize their learning to pursue their goals and interests.

When you sign up for The Virtual Diabetes Education Program®, you’ll learn about the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors for diabetes management, which include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Monitoring
  • Medications
  • Exercise
  • Reducing risks
  • Problem-solving
  • Healthy coping

With access to life-changing information, Florida patients who participate in our online diabetes education classes tend to improve their quality of life and health outcomes.

Clinical trials and observational studies regarding DSMES classes suggest that patients who take these types of classes can greatly reduce their blood pressure, A1C levels, and cholesterol.

These improvements in diabetes-related health markers have the potential to lower the need for hospitalizations and reduce healthcare costs.

Virtual Diabetes Support Groups

We believe building community is one of the best ways to support you as you learn to manage your diabetes. If you live in Florida, whether you’re working through a recent diagnosis or have been managing your diabetes for many years, we want to connect you with others who have shared experiences.

Joining an online peer support group can help you feel like you’re not alone in your struggles. As you get to know one another, you’ll feel like you have a network of partners who can understand your difficulties and celebrate your successes.

Our online diabetes education program includes access to free monthly meetings, where we discuss a variety of topics about how to manage your diabetes. Some of our topics for 2022 include Smart Snacking, Diabetes Burnout and Stress, and Traveling with Diabetes and Vacation Tips.

Join Our Online Community Today

Our integrated telehealth diabetes dietitian and online education model allow you to access diabetes support whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

If you’d like to learn more about The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutrition, LLC, contact us to schedule your discovery meeting today.