Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support

Diabetes is a highly self managed disease with a lot of moving parts to keep track of but  you are not alone in your self-management journey. The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutrition is a nationally accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support program to help you learn the best practices for controlling your diabetes. Our DSMES program is provided over secure telehealth, giving you the support you need from wherever you are.

We are happy to offer our virtual DSMES program for patients in all circumstances. You can sign up for DSMES with our knowledgeable team and gain access to helpful information about managing your diabetes.

The Virtual Diabetes Education Program

Quality DSMES Program

The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutrition is accredited by ADCES and meets the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. These standards are revised every five years to ensure up-to-date evidence-based education.

Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

Our DSMES program is aimed at helping you manage the symptoms of your diabetes through healthy choices. It is not always easy to figure out how to manage diabetes on your own, so our DSMES program is a great tool to help you stay healthy. Our DSMES program is individualized for your specific health needs.

Taking Your Medication

In our Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support program, you will learn how to stick to your medication schedule. Adhering closely to your medication instructions will help you manage your diabetes and reduce unpleasant symptoms.

Our DSMES program will educate you on the types of diabetes medications as well as the proper use of those medications. You will learn how to monitor your body’s response to your medications so you can figure out which ones work best for you. Medication is only effective when used consistently and properly.

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar

Monitoring your blood sugars can help you understand the impact of your meals, medications and exercise on your diabetes control. Our Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support program will teach you when and how to check your blood glucose levels throughout the day.

Healthy Eating Habits

Food choices are a large part of diabetes self-management. In our Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support program, you will learn how to make healthy food choices to manage your diabetes. A healthy diet can have significant impacts on your diabetes control.

Food can be healing when it comes to managing diabetes. Our Registered Dietitians can help you set realistic and achievable goals aimed to help support your diabetes control. In our program, you will learn about making carbohydrate choices and portion sizes to help avoid blood sugar spikes. We believe food is meant to be enjoyed and our goal is to help you feel satisfied with your food choices while achieving your diabetes management goals.


Along with healthy eating, exercise has many benefits for diabetes self-management. Our DSMES program will teach you about enjoyable ways to get moving. We also help you make exercise routines and stick to them. You are more likely to be consistent with your exercise plan if you find fun ways to get in your daily physical activity.

Researchers have studied the health benefits of exercise, and the consensus is the same: exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is beneficial for your cardiovascular health, can help reduce stress, and improve blood sugar!

Positive Outcomes of DSMES

DSMES programs are underutilized in the United States. DSMES programs are designed to provide people living with diabetes the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their diabetes. When people living with diabetes complete DSMES programs, their health outcomes are more positive. Research shows that DSMES may improve A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

DSMES participants report feeling like they have more control and personal autonomy to handle their diabetes. DSMES leads to fewer health complications, thereby reducing healthcare costs in the future.

Our virtual DSMES program offers a convenient, private, and thorough approach to helping you manage your diabetes. You receive support from our Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, who can help keep you accountable and address any concerns you have.

Important Times for DSMES

There are four crucial times that you should seek Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support. These periods are important in preventing worsening diabetes symptoms and serious health problems. If you keep up on self-management and diabetes education, you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • When You Get Diagnosed
    Early use of Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support right after you get diagnosed with diabetes can help set a strong foundation for your self-management plan. Diabetes has many aspects of self management and taking advantage of DSMES can help improve can help you feel more confident and effective in your management.
  • Annually or When Not Meeting Your Diabetes Goals
    If you are living with diabetes you probably know that your diabetes goals can feel like a moving target. Follow up with your Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist can help you assess your self care plan and make adjustments when needed.  This will help you remain consistent when managing your diabetes.
  • When Complicating Factors Develop
    At times when there are changes in your medical conditions or health status, assessing your diabetes care plan can help ensure your plan is in line with your current health needs.
    The emotional burden of managing diabetes over a lifetime can also bring periods of diabetes distress. Diabetes Self Management Education and Support can help you develop healthy coping skills.
  • When Transitions in Life and Care Occur
    DSMES can be beneficial during periods of transition. This may include moving to a new city, getting married or divorced, retiring from work or other circumstances that may change a daily routine.  A DSMES visit can help minimize disruptions to your diabetes care plan as you move through a new life transition.

Virtual Participation

Our DSMES program is completely virtual, meaning you participate in everything via secure telehealth visits. This gives you the convenience of education and support without having to leave your home. We understand that it can be difficult to visit an office in person for various reasons, and we want you to get the support and education you need for your diabetes.

Insurance Coverage

For many, insurance coverage is one of the main factors when deciding to enroll in DSMES. Medicare and most private insurance plans cover our DSMES program. While we cannot guarantee coverage, DSMES is generally reimbursable for the first ten hours of the program.

Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support has many health benefits that insurance recognizes. DSMES enrollment is associated with a lower risk for future health complications, such as hospital admissions and cardiovascular disease.

Enroll with The Virtual Diabetes Education Program®

The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutrition, takes pride in providing individualized support and education for people with diabetes. You can access and complete our programs anywhere. We have Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists who are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with diabetes management.

If you are ready to manage your diabetes and curate a healthy lifestyle, our Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support program is right for you. We welcome you to our program and hope you will enjoy participating!