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Receiving a diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming and intimidating, making new patients feel concerned about their future. With 11% of the people in America being diagnosed with diabetes, according to the CDC, receiving education for management is becoming increasingly important.

However, it is estimated that less than 7% of people living with diabetes receive Diabetes Self Management Education. The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutritions provides online diabetes education for patients throughout Arizona who are diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes.

Our virtual courses aim to decrease feelings of stress and fear while teaching you various ways to manage and cope with your condition. Learn more about The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutrition.


Looking for Online Diabetes Education Classes

Studies have shown that receiving Diabetes Self Management Education and Support (DSMES) can improve quality of life for people living with diabetes and reduce the risk of diabetes related complications. From the newly diagnosed to patients who have lived with diabetes for years. There are four main times you should seek the help of a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES). They are:

● When you are first diagnosed with diabetes
● When you are not meeting certain health standards
● If any complications arise that can affect your condition
● Any time you change providers or switch your medical team

    Hailey Crean Nutrition is a leading CDCES practice for patients throughout Arizona. Whether you are newly diagnosed or encountering a difficult phase in your condition, you can count on us to ease you through and help you get back on track.

    The Hailey Crean Nutrition Diabetes Education Program

    The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® focuses on seven self-care behaviors that can help you manage your diabetes and feel like the best version of yourself. The seven self-care behaviors include:

    ● Healthy Eating
    ● Being Active
    ● Healthy Coping
    ● Taking Medications
    ● Reducing Risk
    ● Problem-Solving
    ● Monitoring

      By working through these various behaviors, you can improve the way you approach your diabetes, reduce the risk of complications and improve quality of life.

      Choosing a Hailey Crean Diabetes Dietician

      People living with diabetes throughout Arizona choose The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® as a trusted evidence-based source for Diabetes Self Management Education and Support.

      A Virtual Support Group

      The benefits of peer support have been well documented. The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® offers an online support group once a month for patients to share their experiences. Our sessions last for 45 minutes and are completely HIPAA-compliant.

      Nutrition Guidance

      Healthy nutrition plays an essential role in diabetes management. Making better dietary choices can keep your blood sugar in range and improve other health metrics including cholesterol levels and blood pressure. To make this easier, Hailey Crean Nutrition provides expert nutritional counseling for all patients in our online diabetes education program.

      Insurance Coverage

      As an accredited Diabetes Self Management Education and Support Program our services are covered by many health insurance plans in Arizona. We are in network with most of the large national health plans, including Medicare.

      Comprehensive Online Diabetes Programs in Arizona

      The Virtual Diabetes Education Program® at Hailey Crean Nutrition provides online diabetes classes that aim to guide patients through diabetes management in a way that is sustainable and effective.

      Our team works directly with each patient to provide a customized plan that meets their unique needs and sets them on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Schedule a free discovery meeting to learn more about getting started with The Virtual Diabetes Education Program®.